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Important Note for Dallas/Forth Worth Area Alumni Members:

If you have not received email updates in the past regarding Dallas/Fort Worth Area Alumni Chapter events, and you would like to be notified, send an email to Katie Emerick in the Central Office. Please provide your full name, email address, and school name and year of induction into Beta Gamma Sigma. This is a great way to help us keep you informed about the happenings of your BGS Dallas/Fort Worth Area Alumni Chapter.

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Members of Beta Gamma Sigma in Dallas/Ft Worth:

Help Revitalize the Dallas/Ft Worth Area Alumni Chapter. The Dallas/Ft Worth Area Alumni Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma needs new volunteers. As a lifetime member of BGS who resides in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, we hope you’ll step up to the plate and get involved. The more members who say “yes” the less effort on any one person’s part – and the more fun everyone can have

Over the last several months, we have seen a lot of enthusiasm and activity generated by various BGS alumni groups around the globe, and I truly believe that you will find involvement in and the opportunity to network with fellow BGS member colleagues, a uniquely worthwhile and satisfying experience.  Remember, you each graduated "the best" in your business programs.

What we have been hearing from other chapters is that by keeping the chapter activities simple, interesting, informal and inexpensive, it is easier to get busy people involved and allow a group cohesiveness to develop.

So, my request is that you reply to our office if you are willing to participate in this effort.  We will be looking for several people to serve as point people:  someone to identify a private room in a restaurant/pizza place/community center/board meeting room, etc. and located in a somewhat central, convenient location and where a group could meet and get to know one another.  Any ideas or offers to assist in obtaining a location are welcome.  As we move forward, there will be many more opportunities for involvement by all who are willing. The more people willing to assist in this effort, the smaller the task of each and the greater the opportunity to recharge the chapter into something of great value to you, its members.

We look forward to hearing from each of you. Email Katie Emerick or call at 314-432-5650. We truly believe that your involvement in this venture will be personally and professionally beneficial to you.


To download an application for membership, please go here and return the application to the central office:

Beta Gamma Sigma
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Nalin Patel , Chapter President



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