Your Career on the Edge

BGs... What can three little letters really stand for?

Intellect & Ambition

BGS members want more than just a line on a resume. Their academic achievements helped them get here, but they know they’re just getting started. They want to bring out the potential in themselves and others. They want to be the “best in business”. They want the BGS Edge.

Experience & Wisdom

BGS members thrive on diverse perspectives and a global point of view. With more than 830,000 lifetime members in more than 190 countries, Beta Gamma Sigma transcends languages, industries, regions, philosophies, and more. This means access to a vast, rich network almost unheard of for recent graduates.

Programs & Opportunities

For over a century, we have nurtured future leaders by providing programs and opportunities focused on the business challenges of the 21st century. Facing these challenges requires a bold mindset and, thanks in part to BGS, our members rise to the occasion.

Energy & Fellowship

Beta Gamma Sigma is the edge you give yourself when you step into a network of driven professionals, with the purpose and passion to spark the future of business.