Additional Publicity Ideas - old

Other effective ways to publicize your BGS Chapter on campus

Campus Media

College Online Calendar

Most college campuses maintain an online calendar of campus events that students, especially new students that are looking to get involved on campus, check this calendar regularly. Contact your college’s Office of Communications to learn how to get your event posted on your campus’ calendar of events.

Campus Radio/TV

The campus radio is always looking for new topics to discuss on the air! Contact your campus radio to see if they can give your event a shout-out. You might suggest an interview where you can discuss the benefits of a Beta Gamma Sigma Membership.

Student Newspaper

The student newspaper regularly reviews campus events and new projects on campus, so why not yours? Invite some of the writers to one of your events. Hopefully, they will write a raving review is next week’s paper!

Online Website

Create and implement a BGS website within your business school website. You can put pictures of your recent induction ceremony, spotlight a BGS member, recognize a Professor of the Year, include details about chapter events, and list benefits of joining within the website.

Student Union


The Student Union is the center of student life on campus. A banner is a great way to increase BGS awareness on campus where students are looking for new, exciting things to do.


Contact your college’s Office of Communications to see if they can send a campus wide email introducing your chapter to the campus. Recognize chapter milestones (such as 20 year anniversary of establishing your chapter, awards your chapter earns, etc.) via digital flyers.

Table Tents

Students are frequent visitors to the campus’ dining hall, so why not give them something to look at and/or talk about while they enjoy their meal? Create informative table tents discussing the benefits of BGS membership and what is required to be invited to join.


Many student organizations use tabling during fairs and campus events to promote their organization. Contact your Student Union’s Office of Operations to learn how to rent space for tabling during your campus’ next big event or fair.

In The Classroom

Class Announcements

Many professors in your institution’s school of business will be very supportive of the Society, because they want to see their students strive for excellence. Ask your favorite business professor if you could take 5-10 minutes of their class time to briefly discuss Beta Gamma Sigma with their students. Courses like “Introduction to Business 101” are accustomed to these kinds of presentations throughout the semester.


Hanging up posters is very simple to do, yet very effective too! We have BGS posters available to chapters for free in the Chapter Management System!


Remember those days when you would walk into class and find humorous sketches of your professor on the board? We don't either, though we've heard stories! But, many organizations will write the url of their website in the top corner of the board. Professors don’t usually mind (or even notice) and it will pique most students’ curiosity.

Did We Mention Social Media?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - and More!

Social Media drives student life. We all know, and maybe are students who share, retweet, or post what they are up to every moment of the day. Create social media accounts for your collegiate chapter and post pictures and announcements of your chapter’s events. Don’t forget to invite Beta Gamma Sigma Global Headquarters to folllow you, and share your news with BGS member around the world!