The Center for the Public Trust Ethical Leadership Certification Program

Brought to you through partnership with Beta Gamma Sigma 

More than 80% of college graduates will face an ethical dilemma during their first year in a job.* Beta Gamma Sigma is taking deliberate steps to help our members face those dilemmas and practice ethical leadership in the workplace.  With honor, wisdom, and earnestness as pillars of BGS, it’s the right thing to do. 

The Center for the Public Trust Ethical Leadership Certification Program is now being offered to members of Beta Gamma Sigma.  The online series includes six self-guided modules, featuring CEOs of Fortune 500 companies presenting on such topics as ethical decision-making, organization support, and conflict management/prevention. There is a test with each section and, upon completion of the course, BGS students will receive their Ethical Leadership Certification.

BGS’s collegiate members are eligible to enroll in the program, giving them a decided advantage in the job marketplace. Businesses also stand to benefit, as BGS sets a new standard for ethical leadership worldwide. 

*Source: The Center for the Public Trust 

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