Alyssa Preston

Sage, LLC

Dr. Alyssa Preston’s professional experience and academic background are in corporate and brand strategy, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC), and English.  She earned her M.A. in Corporate Communication and Ph.D. in Rhetoric from Duquesne University where she also served in multiple capacities as a faculty member, including director roles at the B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. levels.  Preston’s marketplace portfolio adds practical depth through agency and consulting experience from retail to local electrical contracting companies to international product development non-profits. Her research has been influenced by the intersection of theory and practice in advertising, IMC, and crisis communication.

Currently, Preston is leading efforts to cultivate community and connection in online learning and ministry-related contexts.  As an Assistant Professor and Instructional Mentor for the online division of the School of Communication and Digital Content at Liberty University, she is a faculty coach, course developer, and graduate professor. Preston also serves as Connection Director for Victory Family Church, where she redesigned and leads the church-wide assimilation process.

Preston’s teaching, consulting, and coaching experience come together in life-changing ways in her most recent venture and second LLC—The Smart Carpenter.  This co-founded endeavor will debut in 2018 with a focus on helping people who are “successful and stuck” to navigate transition process into meaningful next steps. Preston loves her husband, chocolate, and hot yoga.