Eugene Lee

PRESIDENT, MBK Sports Management group

Eugene T. Lee, Esq. is the President of MBK Sports Management Group, an NFL player representation agency headquartered out of New York City with offices in Los Angeles and Indianapolis.  When Academy Award nominee Morgan Spurlock was hired to direct an ESPN documentary about sports agents, he chose Lee as the NFL agent to be featured.  Why?  With nearly twenty years of experience and having built his own sports agency from the ground up, Lee has gained a vast understanding of business development, marketing, industry networking and organizational training.

Lee has trained his team in all aspects of NFL player representation including player evaluation, recruiting, networking and contract negotiation.  He takes an active role in the creation and implementation of cutting-edge marketing strategies which have enabled MBK to emerge as a true industry leader in market activation and client response.

In addition to his sports agency, Lee authored “My Brother’s Keeper: Above and Beyond The Dotted Line with the NFL’s Most Ethical Agent” and has published numerous op-eds in national and international publications.  He has spoken at law schools nationwide, including Harvard and Notre Dame.  As a frequent guest on Fox Business, CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg, Lee has become widely recognized as an industry expert on NFL player contracts, the salary cap and athlete branding.