Shereen Al Nowais

The Taaleem Training & Skills Development Centre

Shereen Al Nowais, Founder of The Taaleem Training and Skills Development Centre, is an experienced corporate social responsibility pioneer and trendsetter with over a decade of experience with various government and semi-government entities in the United Arab Emirates. She obtained her master’s degree in the art of communication from Zayed University in Abu Dhabi.

 Al Nowais founded Taleem Training Skills Development Centre to raise awareness on learning disabilities identification, treatment and management in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The Taleem Centre is a community service initiative oriented toward sustainable community development with a long-lasting and positive impact on the wellbeing of all segments of the Abu Dhabi community. It opened on February 8, 2014 with just 16 students; there are now more than 400. The Centre’s mission and vision is to help raise a generation of healthy, inspired individuals, capable of building and further developing their country; and to promote more inclusive, learning-friendly school and working environment in which their learning-challenged students are empowered to maximize their contribution to the society and the communities of which they are part.

 Al Nowais is the recipient of the recent Knights Award Festival 2015, in the field of Humanitarian Community Services for the International Women’s Day of 2015. She is inspired by HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed’s vision of women: “[Emirati women] should be supported, encouraged, empowered and given the opportunity to assume their national responsibilities.”

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