Working with Alumni Chapters

Working with Alumni Chapters

A key objective of the second century of BGS is to connect Beta Gamma Sigma student and alumni members to each other and to opportunities in their professional lives.  Whether there’s a BGS Alumni Chapter in your area or you’re connecting with your own institution’s alumni, here are some ideas to try.

  • Invite alumni to your BGS recognition ceremony. They can share about the benefits of lifetime membership
  • as well as their own success stories.
  • Encourage students to apply for the new BGS Mentorship Program.
  • Invite BGS alumni to give a presentation to students enrolled in an introductory business class, or invite them to be a part of your information table/session.
  • Ask alumni to participate in mock interviews or resume reviews for BGS students. Networking and mentoring may evolve naturally!
  • Establish a BGS alumni scholarship to help pay new membership fees.
  • Conduct a mailing to school-BGS alumni to update on chapter activities.
  • Promote the events of a BGS Alumni Chapter in your area – post flyers on business school bulletin boards; forward the event email.  Encourage BGS faculty and students to attend.
  • Offer university venue space to a local Alumni Chapter.
  • Consider co-hosting an event with BGS alumni; try a career panel, speaker event, golf etiquette program, service project, or networking event.
  • Keep tabs on your alumni.  Highlight BGS alumni members’ news on business school bulletin boards, your university website, and social media.

Be sure to share stories and photos of your Chapter’s activities with the Global Headquarters!

The most effective way to begin a relationship with a local alumni chapter is to invite them to send a representative of the Alumni Chapter to attend the induction ceremonies for your local Collegiate Chapter. Allow the alumni officer the opportunity to speak a few minutes at the program to promote the value of membership in the Alumni Chapter. 

The alumni chapter officer should assure new BGS members that any Alumni Chapter membership dues (if applicable) are in addition to the lifetime membership fee to BGS (if applicable), and that Alumni Chapter membership is not mandatory to maintain lifetime membership in BGS. Most often, new BGS members are thrilled to know that there is an active group of BGS professionals in their community and are eager to get involved. Alumni chapters host events such as happy hour/networking events, speaker series, sporting event outings, volunteer activities, and professional development workshops.

These newest members are great candidates for new Student Officers and committee members to help support these activities. Many Alumni Chapters have had great success with co-hosting BGS events for both BGS students and BGS alumni. Typically, the university arranges a facility on campus for these events. This allows students to gain crucial exposure to the BGS brand, while providing a free and often convenient location for alumni to meet.

The BGS Alumni Network

30 Alumni Chapters serve the needs of alumni members in major metropolitan areas worldwide with more added annually. The Alumni Chapters provide professional contacts in the local area, networking opportunities, professional development opportunities through programs of the chapter, the opportunity to give back through interaction with current student members and new graduates, and an opportunity to develop new relationships with other business people. The Alumni Chapters are a great way to stay involved with the Society, take part in unique events, and connect with fellow BGS lifetime members – the “Best in Business.”

Additional Ideas on Connecting with BGS Alumni

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