Mr. Osvaldo Diaz

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Ever since I was a little kid, I loved taking things apart, figuring out how they work, and putting them back together again. I would ask myself, "if I reinvented this, what would I do different and better?"

This pretty much sums up my career and its evolution. I'm infatuated with finding ways to disrupt the status quo, i.e., the same ole way of doing things. I'm not afraid of change.

I've worn many hats in startups (cofounder, senior management) and big public companies (Intel, HP, Cisco, Motorola) -- product design and management, technical sales, marketing, strategy planning, business development, even CEO. As a result I have a unique ability to "see the big picture" and manage multi-disciplinary projects to navigate complex challenges.

— Most recently I’ve been the “headlights of the organization”. Identifying, synthesizing and quantifying long range signals and trends that may represent disproportion growth and innovation opportunities.

— Career and executive coaching and mentoring.

— A measure of success has been growth of my companies. Other measures of success have been creating and directing product, solution or service definitions and positioning them to amplify rate-of-return and ROI.

— Disruption is my game. I will find a way to create differentiation and be noticed. Status quo isn't enough. To make big impact, get comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty.

— Building teams and working with smart people is my passion. You want a really hard problem solved? Don't hire 20 B-players. Hire 5 A-players and they'll move mountains!

I love meeting new people and building life long relationships. Reach out if you want to talk technology trends, building businesses or running half marathons.

Talents: Strategy and innovation planning, business and management consulting, product management, market modeling, finance and analytics, technology evangelism, product design and execution, team building and collaboration, corporate strategy, and social media.