Beta Gamma Sigma – Master Class Series

We are currently working to expand the Series. Read below for additional information about the first event.

Transformational Leadership - Detailed Itinerary
Dallas, TX – November 2016
Dr. Alex Sevilla

Start time: 8:30am 

1. Expectations and Goal Setting

2. Leadership & Power

  • Review and discuss emergent & assigned leadership

3. Trait – Skills – Style Leadership

  • Review and discuss skills leadership
  • Conduct skills leadership assessment
  • Review and discuss style leadership


4. Emotional Intelligence

  • Review and discuss emotional intelligence
  • Improve your stakeholder experience through EQ

5. Charisma, Influence & Persuasion

  • Review and discuss Charismatic Leadership Tactics

6. Transformational Leadership

  • Review and discuss Transformational Leadership (video)
  • Building the Beta Gamma Sigma Transformational Leader 

7. Dr. Sevilla’s Lifetime Leadership Principles & MCS Wrap-up

  • Review (8) Lifetime Leadership Principles (LLP’s)
  • Connect LLP’s to BGS Transformational Leadership Promise
  • Build shared commitment model for BGS MCS leaders

End time: 5:30pm


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