Alumni Event Ideas

Types of Events

Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is for a lifetime. Although there are many avenues for connecting with fellow members as well as prominent leaders in the business world, one of the most beneficial being an active member in the BGS Alumni Network. The alumni chapters and networking groups are the main, local source of engagement for BGS members after graduation.

It’s important to note that every alumni chapter and alumni network group is a little different. Frequency and types of events vary from group to group. All BGS members are encouraged to check the BGS Alumni Network Calendar regularly for information on all upcoming events.

BGS Alumni Network Events can include:

    • Speaker Events

      As BGS represents the “Best in Business”, let’s work together and help support and promote the “Best in Business”! Invite a local leader in business to share their story or a fellow BGS member to speak about their industry expertise.

    • Educational Events

      In addition to speaker events, why not view a series of short TedTalk webex video and have a group discussion? Or go on a local company tour & learn something new! Why not bring someone in to teach the group a new skill, it doesn’t even necessarily have to be related to business. Some chapters have even participated in cultural educational events, which were very well attended.

    • Professional Development Workshops

      The business world is ever-changing, so it is pertinent that the “Best in Business” continue to evolve. Professional development workshops – such as learning the art of networking and then participating in a “Speed Networking” event – are great ways to help bolster our lifelong members’ confidence and resume to continue to climb the proverbial business ladder.

    • Service/Volunteer Activities

      The Society's mission statement not only recognizes honor, wisdom, and earnestness, but also leadership and service. Support “BGS Gives Back” by signing up for a local, regional or national initiative – participate in a Breast Cancer Walk or help serve the under-resourced in a local food pantry. BGS has made it even easier to give back by through our partnership with Junior Achievement

    • Happy Hour/Networking Events

      It’s not only about what you know but who you know. We implore you to take this opportunity to actively engage in connecting with your fellow BGS members in the area! These happy hour and networking events provide a platform to get personally connected and propel yourself and your BGS connections forward.

    • Sporting Event Outings

Let’s not forget about having some fun! Let loose and enjoy a baseball game or root on your local hockey team.

*Please note this is not an exhaustive list. If you have any additional event ideas to share, please send ideas to