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Introducing Wicked Problem Solving. A creative problem-solving and design-thinking course & toolkit for anyone who wants to solve problems.

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You might feel uncertain about how to navigate conflict, complexity, and rapid change. You might feel challenged when trying to align teams that have different skills, values, and agendas. You’re overwhelmed by meetings that don’t go anywhere.

Meet Wicked Problem Solving. WPS is a creative problem-solving system that will guide you from irresolution to resolution. WPS will give you a plan and a playbook to tackle any problem.

Get the Wicked Problem Solving course and toolkit and lead yourself and your team to success. With WPS in your corner, you’ll avoid team dysfunction and bad decisions.

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You’ll learn complex problem solving, collaboration, and creativity—the three most important skills of today, according to the World Economic Forum.

As WPS is the confluence of agile, lean, design thinking, and other modern ways of working, its goal is to improve how you work in your teams today by focusing on asking the right questions, making ideas visible, and engaging with forward actions. You will transform ideas from invisible concepts to tangible building blocks. The course will enable you to map out your options, sketch your ideas, and see your organizational challenges in a new light.