The Center for the Public Trust Ethical Leadership Certification

Brought to you through Beta Gamma Sigma's partnership with NASBA and The Center for the Public Trust

Leadership development required for organizations to surpass the business standards of tomorrow requires ongoing training and communication today. Discussions, insight and learning that cover the most important and upcoming business trends. One topic on the horizon is ethical business and the ethical leadership needed to maintain it. Organizations that build positive business ethics into their corporate culture create a framework to keep the dialogue open and responsive to ethical considerations even as the business levels and takes on new challenges.

Knowing how to naturally infuse ethics into everyday business practices and understanding how to communicate the importance of ethical behavior is a strong, top-level leadership skill that will give Beta Gamma Sigma members yet another way to stand out among top business students around the globe.

With this in mind, Beta Gamma Sigma launched this Ethical Leadership Certification Program in collaboration with The NASBA Center for the Public Trust.

Through this training you will become well-versed in decision-making, conflict-management, communication and building an ethical culture. The Center for the Public Trust Ethical Leadership Certification is an online tool that helps college students identify ethical issues, learn how to respond to ethical dilemmas and enhance their ethical decision-making abilities.


This training program is composed of six online modules, each containing four or five sections lasting 15 minutes a piece. You will learn ethical leadership lessons from current and past CEO’s of such companies as Kimberly Clark, AT&T, UPS and Texas Instruments. Each module will cover one of six topics:

  • Overview of Ethical Leadership
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Organizational Support of Ethical Leadership
  • Role of Leadership in Managing and Preventing Conflicts and Ethical Risks
  • Role of Communication in Ethical Leadership
  • Implementing Ethical Leadership

In order to earn the certification, students are required to complete all six modules, and pass an exam at the conclusion of each section, by answering at least 80% of the questions correctly.

Are you ready to become an ethical business leader? Email Denise Cage at for more information.