Empowering motivated students across the globe to fulfill their potential is at the heart of the QS mission. From enterprising beginnings as the student project of our founder and President Nunzio Quacquarelli, QS has grown to become the established world leader in higher education performance and insights.

Our unrivaled insights and expertise enable our university partners to take a data-driven approach, to underpin their strategic thinking with the billions of data points generated through our global network of employers, academics and prospective students. Whatever their strategic ambitions, we partner with universities and business schools to establish and achieve their goals.

Each year brings us more opportunities to connect with those learners and leaders who are changing the face of higher education around the world. We recognize the passion and potential of the sector and are continually adapting and innovating to ensure we remain a trusted partner for the future.

The international brand recognition generated by the QS World University Rankings portfolio and the QS International Student Survey means our data-driven expertise is known and respected by both higher education leaders and prospective students. Compiled in partnership with tens of thousands of higher education institutions, the QS World University Rankings incorporates data from 16.4 million academic papers and the views of more than 150,000 academics and 100,000 employers.

Among the services that QS provides, organizing fairs for students to connect with Business School and Grad School is one of their strong suits. If you are interested in learning more about pursuing a Master’s or MBA and look forward to learning about the programs Grad Schools have to offer, check out the cities and locations where QS Discover Fairs will be taking place this Fall Season:

  • North America Events
  • Latin America Events
  • International Events

QS also has ambassador/internship opportunities available during Fall and Spring, if you are interested please email north.america@events.qs.com.