Meet Antonio Moneo Lain

Meet Panelist, Antonio Moneo Lain

Antonio Moneo Lain is a professional with 15+ years of experience in Innovation, Knowledge Management, Data, International Development, and Banking. His interests and abilities meet at the crossroads of Sustainable Development, Technology, Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is founder of the Tangible Data project, which aims to engage non-digital audiences through sustainability data.

He is Organization & Change Management Senior Manager at BBVA, and has worked at the Inter-American Development Bank, London School of Economics and UNED University in Spain. Antonio is also Academic Director of the Adapative Leadership and Digital Transformation Program at IE University and joined the Responsible Leaders Network sponsored by BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation.

Antonio holds a PhD in Political Science (2011), a MSc in International Trade (2006) and BA in Political Science (2004).

Check out the BGS Advantage Webinar hosted by Antonio where he discusses his tangible data project.