Meet Kathleen Cadungog


Meet Kat Cadungog

Kat (she/her) is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES). Kat’s main focus is building The Youth Harbour, a youth-for-youth climate support system focused on supporting youth climate leaders with financial, technical, and networking support to amplify and scale their work, so far raising $1.51M dollars for the project. She supported the expansion of growth of the SDGs training program to now over 90+ schools across Canada, the US, and the UK, and worked on over 50 community action projects in high schools.

Kat is a Future of Good Young Impact 2022 Leader, Clean50 nominees, and Corporate Knights Top 30 under 30. She was one of the 40 leaders invited to the first ever Ditchley Energy and Climate Summit in the UK, and attended multiple other conferences such as COP27, the Globe Forum, Imagine Canada Leadership Roundtable, among other high-level conferences. Kat volunteers as a Global Shaper in Calgary and with the Calgary Climate Hub. She has worked on a diversity of projects from volunteering at Calgary Legal Guidance, presenting systems research on the national pharmacare, or co-founding literacy campaigns. Kat is passionate about empowering youth to take impactful action on sustainable development, strengthening and amplifying the youth *force* in the Canadian climate movement. In her spare time, you can find her mountain biking or hiking, or making public declarations that she will give up coffee.