• 11:30am-3:30pm | Entry Level Foyer
    • Connection Café

    • 1:30-4:30pm | Entry Level Foyer
      • BGS Gives Back Activity

      • 1:30-4:30pm | Rosemont Foyer
        • Registration

        • 1:30-4:30pm | United AB
          • Exhibit Tables Open

          • 5:00pm | Grand ABC
            • Dinner

            • 6:15-6:45pm | Rosemont Ballroom
              • Welcome to the Summit: Being BGS
                Chris Carosella, BGS CEO

              • 6:45-7:45pm | Rosemont Ballroom
                • Becoming an Innovative Leader in a Global Economy

                  Marc van der Chijs, Founder & General Partner, First Block Capital 

                • 7:45-8:00pm | Rosemont Ballroom
                  • Evening Announcements & Summit Expectations

                    Denise Cage, BGS Associate Director of Programs & Alumni Engagement

                  • 8:00-9:00pm | Rosemont Ballroom
                    • Student Officer Meeting

                    • 7:15-8:00am | Grand ABC
                    Breakfast Sponsored by Loyola University Chicago
                    Attendees should sit at the recruiter tables


                    • 8:10-8:20am | Rosemont Ballroom

                    Morning Comments & Announcements


                    • 8:20-10:20am | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Leverage Your Strengths to Drive Your Career
                    Dr. Jennifer Selke, CEO & Co-Founder, WorkStrengths


                    • 10:20-10:40am | United AB & Connection Café (Entry Level Foyer)


                    Attendees should visit the exhibit tables
                    Snacks will be served in the Connection Café


                    • 10:45-11:50am | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Traits of an Effective Leader
                    Ana Dutra, Global Executive & Entrepreneur; Author of LeadershiT: Detoxing the Workplace


                    • 12:00-12:50pm | Grand ABC
                    Lunch Sponsored by The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
                    Attendees should sit at the recruiter tables


                    • 1:00-2:15pm | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Opening the Kimono: What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur
                    George Swisher, Founder & CEO: LiiRN: People-Powered Transformation


                    • 2:20-3:25pm | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Ethical Leadership: The Only Sustainable Leadership
                    Alfonzo Alexander, Chief Relationship Officer, The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) & President, The NASBA Center for the Public Trust


                    • 3:25-3:55pm | United AB & Connection Café (Entry Level Foyer)
                    Attendees should visit the exhibit tables
                    Coffee will be served in the Connection Café


                    • 3:55-4:10pm | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Case Competition Team Breakout
                    Denise Cage, BGS Associate Director of Programs & Alumni Engagement


                    • 4:15-4:30pm | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Global Networking Through Connect BGS
                    Matt Plodzien, BGS Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications


                    • 4:35-5:45pm | Rosemont Ballroom

                    Career Strategies Panel: How to Get Hired

                    Moderator: Jodi Weiss, Practice Leader, Nonprofit and Higher Education, KornFerry

                    • Thivantha (T) Kurera, National Associate Director, University Relations & Campus Recruiting, KPMG
                    • Daenon Gault-Vasconez, Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor, GEICO


                    • 5:55-6:55pm | Grand ABC
                    Dinner Sponsored by Babson College
                    Attendees should sit at the recruiter tables

                    • 7:00-8:15am | Paris
                    Sponsored Scholarship Award Winners Breakfast
                    By Invitation Only


                    • 7:15-8:15am | Grand ABC
                    Breakfast Sponsored by GEICO

                    • 8:25-9:25am | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Navigating Corporate Innovation: How Companies Can Think Like a Startup
                    Tim Joehnk, Director, Northern Germany Innovation Office, WTSH GmbH

                    • 9:30-10:30am | Rosemont Ballroom
                    The New Networking: Building Relationship Capital On & Offline
                    Sameer Somal, CFO, Blue Ocean Global Technology

                    • 10:35-11:20am | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Courageous Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes?
                    Prof. dr. Mariëlle G. Heijltjes, Full Professor of Managerial Behavior & Associate Dean of Strategic Development and Internationalization, Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics

                    • 11:30am-12:15pm | Grand ABC

                    Lunch Sponsored by KPMG

                    • 12:25-12:35pm | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Team Case Competition Introduction | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Chris Carosella, BGS CEO

                    • 12:40-3:40pm | Breakout Rooms: Rosemont Ballroom, London, Malpensa, Vienna, Florence, Tegel

                    Case Competition Work Time

                    • 3:40pm | Rosemont Ballroom

                    Case Competition Presentation Submittal

                    • 3:50-5:50pm | Case Competition Presentation Rooms: Narita A, Narita B, Da Vinci A, Da Vinci B

                    Case Presentations

                    • 5:50-6:15pm
                    Judges Debate
                    Case Winners will be posted in the Rosemont Ballroom

                    • 6:30pm | On Your Own

                    • 7:15-8:00am | Grand ABC

                    Breakfast Sponsored by AACSB

                    • 8:10-8:15am | Rosemont Ballroom

                    Morning Comments & Announcements

                    • 8:20-8:50am | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Becoming a Leader for a World That Does Not Yet Exist | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Tom Robinson, President & CEO, AACSB International

                    • 8:50-10:00am | Rosemont Ballroom

                    Case Competition Presentations

                    • 10:10-11:15am | Rosemont Ballroom
                    It’s Not Just Body Language. It’s Business
                    Traci Brown, Body Language Expert

                    • 10:10-10:30am
                    Judges Deliberation

                    • 11:15-11:25am | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Expert Network Discussion
                    Dick Dillon, BGS Interim Director of Advancement

                    • 11:30am-12:00pm | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Presentation of Case Competition Awards
                    Bernard Milano, President & Board Member, KPMG Foundation & Board Member, The PhD Project

                    • 12:00-12:10pm | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Stage Recognition of Sponsors
                    Chris Carosella, BGS CEO

                    • 12:10-12:15pm | Rosemont Ballroom
                    Closing Remarks
                    Charles Whiteman, Chairman, BGS Board of Governors & John and Becky Surma Dean, Smeal College of Business, The Pennsylvania State University

                    • 12:15-12:25pm | Rosemont Ballroom

                    GLS 2018 Recap Video

                    • 12:30pm

                    *The 2018 schedule is a work in progress and will be updated regularly. Please check back for the most recent updates.




                    Registration for the 2018 Global Leadership Summit is now closed. If you have inquiries about space availability, please contact Denise Cage.