Alumni Chapters & Groups

Beta Gamma Sigma proudly boasts 30+ alumni chapters and 19 networking groups internationally. Use the interactive map and chapter list to find a chapter near you, and connect with Beta Gamma Sigma Alumni Network leadership. 

Atlanta Area Alumni Chapter

James Barger, Chapter President

Australia Alumni Chapter

Wes Hamiliton-Jessop, Chapter President

Boston Area Alumni Chapter

Michael McCarthy, Chapter President

Charlotte Area Alumni Chapter

Fred Ingle, Chapter President

Chicagoland Alumni Chapter

Andrea Martin-Montella, Chapter President

chile Alumni Chapter

Jessica Rojas, Chapter President

Cleveland Area Alumni Chapter

Endia Jones, Chapter President

Colorado/Wyoming Area Alumni Chapter

Matthew Thibodeau, Leadership Team Member

Dallas / Fort Worth Area Alumni Chapter

Kristine Conway, Chapter President

DETROIT Area Alumni Chapter

Lydia Michael, Chapter President

Germany Alumni Chapter

Daniel Zinner, Chapter President

Hong Kong Alumni Chapter

Mandy Lai, Chapter President

Houston Area Alumni Chapter

Arbie Lopez, Chapter President

London Area Alumni Chapter

Andrey Pavlov, Chapter President

Los Angeles Area Alumni Chapter

Jim Olds, Chapter President

Minneapolis / St. Paul Area Alumni Chapter

Jay Bargas, Chapter President

New York City Area Alumni Chapter

David Mendels, Chapter President

New Zealand Alumni Chapter

Alex Waddell, Chapter President

Peru Alumni Chapter

Walter Zavaleta, Chapter President

Philadelphia Area Alumni Chapter

Richard Pensabene, Chapter President

Phoenix Area Alumni Chapter

Norma Franco, Chapter Contact

Raleigh/Durham Area Alumni Chapter

Craig Mathews, Chapter President

St. Louis Area Alumni Chapter

Dr. William Dean, Chapter President

San Diego Area Alumni Chapter

Mariness Didulo, Chapter President

San Francisco Area Alumni Chapter

Elizabeth Rice, Chapter President

Seattle Area Alumni Chapter

Anna Galagher, Chapter President

South Florida Area Alumni Chapter

Giselle Mas, Chapter President

South Texas Area Alumni Chapter

This chapter is currently seeking new, local leadership. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact  BGS Global HQ at

Spain Alumni Chapter

Isabel Córdova Samaniego, Chapter President

Switzerland Alumni Chapter

Benjamin Schmitt, Chapter President

Toronto Area Alumni Chapter

Atul Jain, Chapter President

Washington, D.C. Area Alumni Chapter

Sean Powers, Chapter President

Alumni Networking Groups

The ever-growing list of BGS Networking Groups shows areas of increasing interest and member engagement that are working toward official chapter establishment. If you are interested in creating a networking group in your area, please contact BGS at

Austin, TX
Christian Erickson,

Baltimore, MD
Brittney Bailey,

Boise, ID
Rebecca Nelson, 
Bogota, Colombia 
Andres Joya,

Buffalo, NY
Jonathan Jasinski,
Columbus, Ohio
Erin Mansfield, 

Delhi, India
Sarthak Mittal,

Florham Park, New Jersey
Amos Sanchez,

Honolulu, Hawaii

Tamarin McCartin,

Memphis, TN
William King,

Nashville, TN
Lisa-Claire Sanwall,

Orange County, CA
Emma Chu, 

Portland, OR
Travis Luckey,
Puerto Rico

Cameron McKenzie

President, Billy Ye,
Partha Rao,

Mirelle Nathalie Aranguren,

Juliana Hsu,

Tidewater, VA
Kevin Stevenson,

United Arab Emirates
Shawn Davis,