Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Take advantage of these unique internship and volunteer opportunities to broaden your professional resume. Be sure to check out special members-only pricing and available scholarships. 


The Institute on Business and Government Affairs at The Fund for American Studies (IBGA/TFAS) has been known as a leader in the nonprofit world for 50 years. Their goal is to change the world by developing leaders for a free society. In cooperation with Beta Gamma Sigma’s mission of cultivating leadership and professional excellence, IBGA/TFAS is presenting BGS members a unique experience that combines real-world training with targeted networking opportunities.


Ever thought about touring the architecture of Shanghai, or checking out "Europe's Silicon Valley" in Dublin? Maybe you'd enjoy the cosmopolitan London life or the award-winning cuisine of Madrid. The Intern Group takes students like you around the globe for internships lasting from as little as 4 weeks to as long as 6 months.


BGS members give back because we know we share a responsibility to act ethically in business and in our communities. Our members span the globe and their good works make far-reaching and long-lasting impacts. We care for our children & education, for the health of our fellow people, and for the environment.