Ms. Teoxihuitl Sintora

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My name is Teoxihuitl Sintora and I am a graduate student at California State University, San Bernardino. I am pursuing a Master of Science in Accountancy and expected graduation date of June 2020.

I grew up in a big family of two brothers and five sisters. My mother stayed home taking care of us while my father worked in order to provide for us. My father worked at the same company for over 30 years so he could put a roof over our heads as well as starting his own Natural Sunshine business. My parents always encouraged us to follow our dreams and it is because of my parents’ devotion that I decided to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician.

Now, I am a Licensed Pharmacy Technician pursuing a Master of Science in Accounting at Cal State San Bernardino to prepare me for the CPA exam. I have been working as a Pharmacy Technician for over 12 years. It is because I enjoy my job, which has brought me to pursue a career in Accounting.

One might ask, why the change in career? Working in the medical field has brought many financial issues to my attention. Not only was this the reason for changing career path, but as I started taking more accounting classes, I found myself enjoying the challenge as well as the many job opportunities in the accounting field.

For this reason, I have made a commitment to obtain my Master of Science in Accounting to receive my CPA license.