Society Spotlight


Virtual internship opportunities with The Intern Group and United Planet

Looking for an internship right now? It’s easy through our partnerships with The Intern Group and United Planet. Both are offering virtual or remote opportunities for students worldwide—with flexible schedules and different time commitments to choose from. Because these groups work with businesses and organizations all over the world, this a great opportunity to get international business experience without leaving your home.

The Intern Group and United Planet offer 10 percent off program costs for BGS members. Check them out today!

Meet The Intern Group’s BGS scholarship recipient: Inderjit Kaur!

Congratulations to Inderjit Kaur, a recent graduate from University of Wisconsin – Parkside, for earning a scholarship for an internship through The Intern Group!

Inderjit will spend this summer completing an eight-week virtual/remote internship, where she hopes to further her study of business while making herself into a unique candidate for her graduate degree program.


Welcome our new collegiate chapter: Texas A&M – Texarkana

We are pleased to announce Texas A&M – Texarkana as our newest collegiate chapter! They installed this spring, and are joining us as BGS’ 612th chapter. Welcome to BGS!