Invitation Process

Invitation Process

Please check the Beta Gamma Sigma Collegiate Chapter List to find out if your school has a Beta Gamma Sigma chapter. If you’re interested in learning more about the Beta Gamma Sigma chapter at your school, you can contact your local Chapter Advisor directly. Your school’s Dean’s Office can provide you with your Chapter Advisor information.

Only the college or university can extend an invitation to eligible BGS members. Invitations will be sent to all eligible students who meet the following criteria. Please note: some chapters choose to have more restrictive membership criteria. For information on your local chapter’s criteria, please contact you Chapter Advisor. To be eligible for invitation, students must be:

  • A second-semester sophomores and rank in the upper 10 percent of their class
  • In the upper 10 percent of the junior or senior class; or
  • In the upper 20 percent of master’s classes, after completing half of the program
  • All students who successfully defend their Doctoral dissertation are eligible to join
  • Transfer students meeting the above criteria pertaining to their class, after completing the equivalent of one full year of coursework at the chapter’s university.

Once a chapter has identified you as an eligible member of Beta Gamma Sigma, you will receive an email invitation from the Society. This invitation will contain information on why you should join, how much membership costs for your chapter and most importantly, a link to complete your membership data profile (MDP). This profile allows members to tell BGS how to contact them and how you’d like your name printed on your membership certificate.

Your membership certificate, new member materials and key pin will be shipped to your school.  In general, the individual chapters are responsible for distributing these materials to local members. Shipments occur on pre-set intervals. Please consult with your Chapter Advisor for more information.

Individual chapters are responsible for the details of the actual membership recognition ceremonies. Most chapters have one ceremony annually, normally in the spring. Some chapters choose to recognize members more frequently. You should receive ceremony details directly from your Dean or Chapter Advisor.