March 2020


Chapter Notes for March 2020

Best Practice – Downloading the Upload Template in the CMS

Once your ceremony has been successfully created within the CMS, you can upload a list of invitees through the “Invite New Members” tab on the dashboard. Once here, you can access the upload spreadsheet template by clicking on the hyperlink within the page titled INVITATION SPREADSHEET TEMPLATE.

We recommend you download the template each time you wish to upload a list to ensure you are using the most up to date version and to avoid errors. (As a friendly tip, confirm you are uploading invitees to the correct ceremony and double check that there are no spaces or semicolons before or after any content in your spreadsheet, including email addresses, as this will cause an error.)

Induction types noted within the spreadsheet or individual uploads must read one of the following: Baccalaureate, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Masters, Masters Second Recognition, Doctoral, Doctoral Second Recognition or Faculty.