Mr. Christopher Mularoni

Wayne State University

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Wayne State University
Northville, MI


Over 25 years of hands-on experience helping companies bring their visions into reality in a diverse range of industries, including working as an internal consultant for two Fortune 500 companies, managing $29M in assets, projects exceeding $8M, and 200 personnel. As a Vice President I have had hands-on experience in all aspects of a business including management, marketing, sales, financials, operations, negotiations, vendor selection, and vendor management. This includes taking a company from a turnaround situation to 40% organic growth. Results typically include dramatically reducing costs while increasing sales, quality, delivery, capacity, productivity, and profitability often with minimal to no investment. In one case, I identified an opportunity, within four hours of entering a plant, to increase company capacity & productivity 20% ($200M & $1.2M respectively)/yr., with a 6 month ROI on $600K.  Experienced in small, middle market and Fortune 500 Companies.